Farmer Christmas Home

Enter the exciting world of Farmer Christmas, the magical children’s picture book series following the adventures of Farmer Christmas and his tractor and trailer full of presents…

“I just wanted to leave a quick review of your wonderful book.
I’m a nanny and my charges are six, four and one years old and they all absolutely love it! They live on a farm and they story has really captivated their imaginations. They still ask me to read it to them now and it’s mid February! The book is absolutely gorgeous, thank you!”

“Such  an engaging book, a wonderful Christmas tale with charming pictures, the perfect Christmas read for youngsters. We are looking forward to seeing what this talented duo have in store for us next.”

“Wonderful book! My two are going to be delighted! I had to buy this as grandad is a farmer…. who is fat, has a white beard and drives a red tractor! I’m sure they will wonder what he’s doing on Christmas Eve now!”

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