Catherine and Sophie

About Us

Catherine wrote Farmer Christmas after being inspired by her own childhood growing up in rural Devon. Catherine lives on the family farm, with her husband and two young boys. She is passionate about inspiring children to read and about promoting the importance of education in teaching children about the countryside, farming and food production.

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Sophie Baugh-Jones is an illustrator who lives in Devon with her family. Sophie studied Fine Art at Exeter School of Art, but her real passion lies in children’s book illustration. Sophie fell in love with the character of Farmer Christmas and Rusty Robin, bringing them to life with her traditional yet lively approach to illustration. Sophie’s other work can be seen on her Instagram page ApplePipIllustration which includes children’s books and bespoke commissions.

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It took many months and many cups of tea before Farmer Christmas became a proper book, but they finally did it! Catherine and Sophie are so proud and grateful to all the people who have helped them along the way.

They hope everyone who reads this book will be looking out of their window on Christmas Eve to catch a glimpse of Farmer Christmas and his trailer full of presents…


Catherine Baddeley



Sophie Baugh-Jones